Reviving the Classics: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

A classic that reads like the best page-turner. 

George and Lennie are simple agricultural workers, moving from farm to farm, like many others in California in the 1930s. From the beginning, we know that something went wrong at their previous workplace, but they expect the new farm to be an improvement. They also dream of their own place- a piece of land they could call their own, where they would live and work in peace, and Lennie could tend to his beloved rabbits. But before any of this could happen, they need to earn enough, and the new place proves to be even more troublesome than the last…

Of Mice and Men is a short novel that could be read in one sitting. Steinbeck’s style definitely encourages that. The story reads like the best thriller as the situation on the farm evolves. The plot is full of events that foreshadow the finale and build up the tension, enriching the reader’s experience. Most importantly, Steinbeck achieves in a few sentences what other authors struggle to complete in several paragraphs or pages—creates vivid and memorable characters. It s enough to know that George is small, quick and restless, while Lennie is huge and walks heavily behind George to understand the dynamics between the characters. 

The story deserves more recognition as a true classic and also a light and fascinating read. A well- earned ***** 5/5 stars.

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