This is my Polish edition of Coraline by Neil Gaiman. It was the first book by that author I have ever read, and many more followed. Don’t be put off by the young age of the main character- it’s one of those stories that can satisfy readers of every age. 

Coraline tells a story of a girl who moves to a new house over the summer. As her parents are constantly busy, she decides to explore the building and her new neighbourhood. After a while, the only mystery left to investigate is the old door in the corner of the living room that always remains closed. They seem to be a disappointment and open into a brick wall. Then, one day, she decided to give the door another try, and they reveal a dark corridor…

Coraline is a twisted fairytale. It’s a story of an innocent child travelling through mysterious, dangerous land. On the other side of the door, Coraline finds a world similar to her own but distorted in a disturbing and fascinating way. Everything is more vivid, and everyone seems to live only to spend their time with her. Whatever she wanted or missed in the real world seems to wait for her on the other side.

It is a beautiful trap ready to devour her…

I love Neil Gaiman’s works. His stories are always original and surprising. They seem simple, but there is always an event or a plot turn that complicates the matters, turning them into pure magic. I also enjoy the way he likes to distort our everyday life by adding magical or horrifying elements. He knows how to add thrill to his stories without causing nightmares.

I recommend this book to those, that enjoy original fantasy stories and unexpected plot twists. They will find a lot f them in Coraline. I rate this book at **** 4 out of 5 stars.

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