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Hale: The Rise of the Griffins

This book made me believe that I should change my rating scale. Five stars are for classics and books I absolutely adore, four for very good ones, three for good… But how do you rate a novel that is very good but lacks the charm of the best examples of its genre?

Hale is a teenager leading a peaceful life with his sister, from which he is snatched by a cruel kidnapper. Tortured and confused, the boy fails to understand the man’s motivation. When he manages to escape, he is mysteriously transported to another world, a place full of magic, intrigue and violence. He soon finds out he is one of the Griffin clan, able to transform into a mythical beast. Nevertheless, he is unaware of the role he will play in the coming events.

Hale: The Rise of Griffins is a young adult fantasy novel. It is full of action, adventure, magic, and as many strange names of characters and places as you would expect of the best epic fantasy. It follows a few different stories that intertwine, creating an intricate pattern. The only problem is, there is too much going on. The action does not slow down for a moment, and the reader feels drowned in the flood of events. At least, I did. It is the first part of the series that needs to introduce many characters, but the plot felt rushed. Also, the narrative style seems repetitive at times.

Overall, t is an excellent example of ya fantasy and a start of a promising series.


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