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Layla by Colleen Hoover

⭐⭐⭐ 3 out of 5 stars

Layla is a second position from Colleen Hoover I’ve read recently. It is yet another romance, but with a supernatural twist.

Leeds met Layla while playing with his band at her sister’s wedding. They immediately start a relationship that borders on the ideal. When Layla is attacked by his unstable ex-girlfriend, Leeds takes her back to the place they met, now abandoned and put up for sale. He soon realised that there was something very wrong with the old building.

I believe I can say without revealing too much that Layla is a ghost story. The supernatural starts with some objects moving mysteriously or the piano playing a single note by itself. But that’s just the beginning, and soon we face Willow- an entity living in the house. We don’t know what she is, and she is unsure either. [SPOILER] This is where a simple ghost story gets complicated. Willow is not your typical friendly or malicious ghost that starts with moving single objects and ends up demolishing half of the house or chasing the main characters out of the building. She can enter a living person’s body and use it as her own. Leeds becomes fascinated with Willow as they use Layla for communication. Moreover, and this is where I stopped enjoying this novel, he starts to manipulate his girlfriend to create opportunities for Willow to take over. He is selfish and turns from a great boyfriend into a morally grey character.

In conclusion, the plot is fascinating and unusual. I felt forced to read on, even when I was unsure if I still liked the story and the main character. I would recommend it for the fans of ghost stories and those looking for a less conventional novel.


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