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The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is a contemporary romance set in a Stanford University environment. It is warm, intelligent and funny and I truly enjoyed it.

Olive Smith is a Ph. D. biology student who puts friendship over fleeting romantic relationships. When her best friend Anh falls for a boy Olive dated once or twice, she decides to bring them together at all costs. To convince Anh that her feelings are somewhere else, Olive kisses a random man she meets in the hallway. He turns out to be Dr Adam Carsen—a professor known for his intelligence and harsh treatment of his students. Olive is prepared for any consequences, apart from Adam’s proposal to start a fake relationship that could benefit them both.

I really enjoyed reading this one. It is full of funny and/or embarrassing situations fake dating has to involve. It is also a great story, and I liked all the characters, especially Olive and Adam and the way they seem to complement each other. While Olive is quite open and impulsive, Adam seems more withdrawn. Where he is confident in his knowledge and research, Olive is full of insecurity. I loved to read about their budding relationship. I also liked the Academia setting, the thrill of discoveries, even if I did not understand everything the characters were talking about, the pressure of deadlines for assignments and reports that I can relate to due to my experience at university.

The Love Hypothesis is a light romance read, but it does not stop the author from talking about the situation of women at universities, the disregard they experience and the threat of harassment that is possible in any career path. I loved how she connected an enjoyable story with more profound thoughts on biology, Academia and the necessity of money and connections in conducting research.

In general, I loved this book, and I cannot wait for other positions from Ali Hazelwood. I would recommend this story to the fans of contemporary romance and those looking for a light and funny but intelligent read.


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