Star Father

Star Father

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

Another brilliant fantasy position by Charlie N Holmberg and a continuation of Star Mother.

Aija is a talented artist, forced by war to abandon her life in the capital and return to her family’s secluded farm. One day, the Sun suddenly disappears from the sky, leaving the world in total darkness. Soon, Ai finds an unconscious man by the river. Treated by Aija and her family, he returns to health and stays on the farm, helping with daily tasks. But Saiyon has his secrets. He avoids going out when the enlarged Moon is shining. He constructs a mysterious symbol on the roof. He meets with the godlings in the dark. Aija is unsure what to think about Saiyon or her growing affection for him.

Star Father is the second part of a duology but can be read separately. The action is divided by hundreds of years, and all you need to know about the first part is related in the book. Which is, by the way, better than the first one. I felt that the writing style improved, and the plot was more interesting. I always wanted to read more about Saiyon, who seemed neglected in the first book. This novel focused on Aija and her quest to gain a chance to be with a man she loved. I loved her strong and stubborn personality. Once she decided that she wanted something, she was ready to do anything to achieve it.

[SPOILER] Similarly to Star Mother, there is no clear division between good and evil here. Even the demons, who are liars and tricksters, appear to be a misshapen work of someone who does not possess the power to create anything better. They seem to miss something rather than be evil. Also, I loved the portrayal of the Moon. She is an angry and ambitious woman who lacks patience. She seems almost cruel. On the other hand, her concern with her scars makes her look vulnerable. Just another broken character.

In conclusion, I truly enjoyed reading this novel. I would recommend it to fans of fantasy and romance.

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