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Conversations with friends

Conversations with Friends

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4out of 5 stars

Frances and Bobbi have known each other for years. Despite their contradictory characters, they forged a strong emotional bond. Former lovers, they now perform spoken-word poetry together at the scenes of Dublin. They catch the attention of Melissa, a famous journalist. Invited for dinner to discuss future collaboration, Frances observes Bobbi’s growing fascination with Melissa. Abandoned by her friend, she starts chatting with Melissa’s husband— Nick. Their mutual interest soon turns into a flirtation…

I wanted to try a Sally Rooney book for a while, so when I saw Conversations with Friends in the library, I knew I had to read it. It is well written and, despite the slow action, very readable. It focuses on Frances and her relationships with Bobbi, Nick and her estranged father. It is a story of an aspiring artist and a coming of age story. The age difference between Frances and Bobbi and the characters they encounter through Melissa intensify the impression of a young girl entering a more mature, cold and selfish world. I found the main character’s relationship with her father especially interesting, as I believe it affects her daily life.

I would recommend this novel to the fans of more thoughtful fiction, where lack of action does not mean a lack of interest.


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