A Broken Blade

A Broken Blade

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

In Elverath, all Halflings born of Mortals and Dark Fae are considered the Crown’s property. Enslaved, the females are trained in the Order to become Shades— perfect spies, warriors and assassins. Keera is the king’s Blade— the leader of the Order. Just when her forced service brings her to a verge of a breakdown, a new threat to the Crown rises. Sent after the Shadow, an elusive man plotting against the king, she has to ascertain his identity and plan. In her hunt, she finds even more mysteries that make her question her assignment…

Melissa Blair created a fascinating world where Mortals, Dark Fae and Halflings live in faltering peace. A world with detailed geography, history and customs. Especially her ideas around the Halflings and the Order are impressive and quite unique. Keera makes a memorable main character. Slightly annoying initially, she grows on the readers while they learn more about her past. In the end, I need to say that I could really feel for her. Her training, the abuse she suffered, and the pain she had to inflict in her service were almost enough to break her. It was thrilling to see her slowly mend herself.

A Broken Blade was the first ARC I have ever read. It is a novel full of action, plot twists, vivid characters and a fascinating heroine. Reading it before it got published made the lecture even more exciting. I would recommend it to all the fans of fantasy.

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