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The Bridge Kingdom

The Bridge Kingdom

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

Ithicana and Maridrina are involved in a never-ending conflict. When traditional warfare brought no results, the Maridrinian king reached for less usual means. He gathered his many daughters in an isolated compound, where there were trained to be warriors, assassins, spies and… good wives. The most promising candidate would be sent to Ithicana to marry young king Aren and destroy the Bridge Kingdom from within. Now, trained and indoctrinated, Lara finds herself among the Ithicanians. She soon realises that the reality does not match the stories she’s been told.

The Bridge Kingdom is an excellent opening of a trilogy. We are given yet another fantasy world complete with intricate geography, customs, politics and economic relations between the neighbouring countries. The environment and geographical position of Ithicana make the kingdom fascinating and quite original. I loved exploring it together with Lara. The characters that inhabit it are vivid and likeable. I don’t believe it to be a spoiler when I say that the Maridrinian princess soon found herself falling in love with the Bridge Kingdom and its people, especially the king. And here we reach the main fault I found in this novel— I think it is pretty predictable. There were numerable plot twists, but only a few surprising ones. Still, I loved the characters and became interested in their story enough to see it through.

In conclusion, it is a well-written novel with the characters that stay in your memory. I enjoyed reading it, and I would recommend it to fantasy and fantasy romance fans.


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