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Wilder Girls

Wilder Girls

⭐⭐⭐ 3 out of 5stars

When the mysterious Tox epidemic broke out at Raxter School for Girls, the island it was built on was put under quarantine. While most of the teachers died, Hetty and her schoolmates were affected by the disease. Their bodies were transformed and disfigured in bizarre ways. Isolated from the outside world and surrounded by a forest turned dangerous by Tox, they wait for the cure to be developed. When Hetty joins the team that collects supplies from the pier, she understands that the remaining teachers hide the truth from the students…

I was disappointed by this novel. The idea of a school isolated from the world by a deadly virus was brilliant, but I believe it could be done better. I think the descriptions of the deformations the girls’ bodies undergo were unnecessarily detailed, to a point it became disgusting. The writing style seemed simple, and some scenes did not bring much to the plot. What saves this book are the characters created by Rory Power. They are exciting and vivid. They have different personalities that sometimes crash and sometimes work together. I loved to read about their interactions and friendships. Don’t let the all-girls character of Raxter School fool you— there is romance in this book.


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