The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library

⭐⭐.5 2.5 out of 5 stars

Nora Seed finds herself in a place between life and death- in the Midnight Library. Once inside, her favourite librarian shows her around the endless rows of books that contain Nora’s possible lives. One of them lists all her regrets, while every other book allows her to immerse into a life she could lead if she made different decisions. What would happen if she continued to practice swimming? What if she started travelling? What if she gave a nice guy a chance?

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I did not like the book. I was really excited to start reading it because of the hype it gets on social media, but I ended up being slightly bored, to be honest. The idea of the library is interesting, but reading about different versions of Nora’s story became monotonous. The language also seemed repetitive and simplified. Like it was written with a vast audience in mind, calculating the possible success. Despite the unique idea at its core, the novel seemed typical to me. Nothing surprising. The messages that the author wanted to share were forceful and reminded me of motivational quotes.

Still, it is possible it just wasn’t for me. So many people loved this book. I think it is one of the stories that we need to read for ourselves to form an independent opinion. I would still recommend it to all book lovers.

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