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ARC Review: The Bookseller of Inverness

The Bookseller of Inverness

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

Iain McGillivray leads an uncomplicated life as a bookseller in Inverness. When he sees a stranger urgently searching for something amongst the shelves and refusing to leave until closing time, he gets irritated but does not think much about it. Until the opening time the following day, when he finds the man dead inside the shop. This incident starts a series of events connected to Iain’s turbulent past and the political situation in contemporary Scotland.

MacLean’s book is an excellent example of a well-written and researched historical fiction. My knowledge of the conflict between Stuart and Hanover supporters, especially from the point of view of the Scottish Highlanders, is limited, but the author created a believable, detailed and fascinating world. He also supplied an extensive reading list for those seeking biographical or historical knowledge. The importance of local politics for the novel’s plot made me worried that the book would become overwhelming, but that never happened. The necessary information is supplied in an accessible form, and the intrigue keeps the reader’s interest peaked.

In general, The Bookseller of Inverness is historical fiction at its best, and I would recommend it to all fans of the genre.


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