The Water Witch

The Water Witch

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

When Ariadne Walker is summoned by her brother Jason to help with his archaeological excavations, her first impulse is to refuse. She promised herself never to return to the site in Brittany, where her fiancé Simon died in his search of the mythical drowned city of Ys. Ari’s curiosity and attachment to her brother prevailed, and soon she finds herself facing the raging ocean, her overwhelming grief and a legend of the Water Witch— the betrayed daughter of the King of Ys, who drowned cursing her deceiving lover and his kin.

Jessica Thorne’s novel grips the reader’s interest from the first lines. As the book starts with the drowning of Ys, we understand that the stories are something more than folklore. They seep into Ari’s life, making it impossible to differentiate between reality and the supernatural. The legend of Ys becomes a crucial element of the plot, propelling the action forward. The main characters, Ariadne and Rafael, try to remain in their mundane lives, but they cannot resist the pull of the irrational.

I found The Water Witch to be an exciting read. I recommend it to those who enjoy novels where reality blends with folklore or the supernatural.

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