Phantom Reality

Phantom Reality

⭐⭐⭐ 3 out of 5 stars

Phantom Reality

All Kinsley planned for the summer was to party with her friends in her grandmother’s cabin. It was their last holiday before college and the responsibilities of adulthood, and they wanted to use the time well. But everything changed after she nearly drowned in the lake. Saved by a handsome stranger, she returned to the cabin to find out that nobody was looking for her. Nobody even realised that she had gone missing. And that is only the beginning of mysterious events…

Phantom Reality is a simple read filled with action and mysteries. You will love this position if you like stories about teenage friends gossiping, having fun, fighting over boys, and solving puzzles. Although I enjoyed the supernatural side of the plot, the strange events only Kinsley remembered and the recurrent appearances of her grandmother’s ghost, I was annoyed by Kinsley’s friends and their behaviour. There are too many descriptions of their parties and drunken escapades and not enough of actual character development. Spending your summer with twelve friends sounds fantastic, but this means that none of them is complex or well-written.

The novel reminded me of a television series aimed at teenagers, where the focus always remains on friendships and budding romances. It wasn’t for me, but I believe the book will find a faithful audience among teenage girls.

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