Hight Times in the Low Parliament

High Times in the Low Parliament

⭐⭐.5 2.5 out of 5 stars

When Lana Baker, the best scribe in Aldgate, is sent to work in the Low Parliament, she expects long and tedious working hours. She did not foresee the threat of flooding that hung over the human politicians and workers…
From the exciting cover to the fascinating book description, I expected this novel to be enjoyable. It was quite a disappointment. It seemed that the central theme of the story and Lana’s main character trait was her flirtatious nature. There were just too many descriptions of female beauty and too many attempts at winning a lady’s attention. Especially in such a short position. The political intrigues or the conflict between fairies and humans became secondary, while I believe the novel would benefit from bringing them to the centre.

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