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The Sunbearer Trials

The Sunbearer Trials

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars

Author:    Aidan Thomas
Title:        The Sunbearer Trials
Format:    ARC, ebook
Publisher:    Macmillan
Publication:    15th  of September 2022

Ages ago, Sol banished the evil Obsidians and sacrificed his own life to protect the people of Reino del Sol. Sun Stones, fuelled with his power, were placed in multiple temples throughout the land, keeping the Obsidians trapped and repelling their evil. But the Stones have to be recharged. Every ten years, a tournament takes place, where the most powerful teenage semidioses (demigods) compete for the title of Sunbearer. The winner becomes the greatest hero, by carrying the light of Sol to all the temples, but the loser, the last one in the tournament’s classification, becomes the sacrifice that fuels the Sun Stones.

Teo, son of a goddess of birds, Quetzal, never had to worry about the trials. He and his mother are Jades— the lower-ranking demigods, that are disregarded by the leading Golds. This year, his best friend Niya is one of the most powerful in their generation and a strong candidate for the Trials. Worried for his friend, Teo didn’t even consider the possibility of participating. When his name is chosen, he is forced to compete in a series of mysterious and dangerous trials…

This book was a pleasure to read. The action takes place in a Mexican-inspired fantasy world which is breathtaking. It has detailed history, legends and beautiful locations. Every city our heroes visit has a unique character, in terms of customs, fashion and inhabitants. Every character Teo meets in this novel is fascinating, complex, and filled with their own agenda. Their powers and character vary, according to their parentage. The Sunbearer Trials dazzles with perfect world-building and brilliant characters that develop throughout the novel.

The fast-paced action, dangerous trials and the constant competition between the characters reminded me of Hunger Games series. I believe the fans of Katniss will enjoy Teo’s adventures as well.


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