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My NetGalley experience

My NetGalley experience

In July 2022 I joined NetGalley.

It’s an amazing portal, where you can request to receive a digital ARC- advance review/reader copy of a book that is just about to be published. You can choose from hundreds of positions, made available by the publishers, in exchange for an honest review.

All you need is a blog, website or a social media account, where you can publish your review. It’s a perfect deal- you get to read a book for free before it is even available for regular sale and the publishing house gets free marketing through your posts.

The only problem is, you will not receive the most popular titles at the very beginning. You need to work your way up, by systematic posts and making sure you review all the positions you receive. Me, after being denied some titles, I asked for many less known books. Suddenly, I was flooded with ARCs. I had multiple books to finish in a week at some point. It was a struggle, but I managed to review them all.

Now, I start to really enjoy my NetGalley experience. My requests for some really exciting books were approved, like Spells for Forgetting, Girl Friends or an audiobook of Babel. I would recommend it to all avid readers.

Do you have an account? What was your experience?


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