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The Romantic

The Romantic

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars

Title:               The Romantic

Author:           William Boyd

Publisher:        Penguin

Format:           ARC, ebook

Publication:     6th of September 2022

Happy Publication Day!

In his new novel, Boyd presents a detailed panorama of the nineteenth century. The Romantic is a fictional biography of Cashel Greville Ross, following his life from County Cork, through Oxford, India, Italy, America and Zanzibar. Cashel leads a busy life and tries everything that a gentleman of his period could try— he is a soldier fighting at Waterloo and in India, a writer who spends a summer with Lord Byron and the Shellys, a lover, a prisoner, a farmer or an explorer…

The Romantic is a well-written historical fiction. It gives a very intimate picture of the nineteenth century, focusing only on an individual life. There are no long, dull or overwhelming descriptions of history, politics or economy in this book. It focuses entirely on the life of the main character, even in the face of important events, like the battle of Waterloo. Which is why I believe this book to be a perfect read, even for those who usually avoid historical fiction.


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