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Reviving the Classics: Goblin Market

Reviving the Classics: Goblin Market

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars

‘Come buy, Come buy.’

With this cry, an attempt at marketing to be sure, the goblin merchants advertised their goods to two young girls. While Lizzie closed her eyes, like she was supposed to, her sister Laura succumbed and tried the forbidden fruits, paying with a lock of her hair. But the goblins’ goods left her craving more, and the merchants could not be found anywhere…

Despite the disguise of a fairy tale, this is, in fact, a controversial Victorian poem, touching on outrageous topics of female desire, temptation and woman’s place in the marketplace, which would be shocking to contemporary readers. It was analysed by countless scholars, and many different meanings were uncovered. From Marxism through religious contemplation to lesbian sisterhood, everything can be found in this short work.

To me, the story seems open to interpretation, and I believe it will inspire many more theories. I love it for the beautiful language and the sing-song rhythm that carries the reader through the story.


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