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A River Enchanted

A River Enchanted

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

When a letter arrived asking the bard Jack Tamerlain to come home to the island of Cadence, he reluctantly started his journey. Upon arrival, he found his community overwhelmed by the disappearance of three little girls. As the bard, he is asked to help with the search by performing special music composed for the island’s spirits, which could provide information unattainable to mere mortals…

A River Enchanted is a beautiful read. I especially liked the original world created by the author. The Island of Cadence is portrayed as a mysterious, secluded, unique, and magical place where the spirits of the air, water, and earth reign. They can profoundly affect everyday life on the island by bringing natural disasters, and the role of the clan bard is to pacify them with skilful music. This is where Jack enters the story as a fatherless boy who left the island to study music and search for a place where he would belong. Upon his return, he understands he should have never left Cadence.

I genially liked this cosy story. The down-to-earth characters and their problems, the importance of the elements and the general atmosphere of the novel made me want to bury myself under a ton of blankets with a cup of tea at hand while reading this book. It is a fascinating story will spellbinding world-building. 


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