Bind your fate to mine.

Lore by Alexandra Bracken is an exciting, fast-paced novel set in a world where Greek gods and heroes live among New Yorkers. It is full of action, adventure, love and friendship.

In the fascinating world created by Bracken, Zeus punished the gods of Olympus by starting the first Agon— a circle where every seven years, for seven days, the gods turn into mortals hunted by the descendants of the most famous of the Greek heroes. The human who manages to kill one of the gods takes over his powers, using it to benefit his family. In this patriarchal society, where power is everything, Bracken’s heroine embarks on a challenging journey that will shake the world of the hunt.

On the first day of Agon, Lore finds a wounded woman on her doorstep, who she recognises to be no other than Athena- the goddess of wisdom, war and handicraft. The goddess requires help and offers a further alliance, but Lore has sworn not to go back into the hunt. She abandoned her heritage after the gruesome murder of her family by the hand of Wrath— a new god who took over the power of Ares. With dying Athena in her house, Lore is forced to seek out help from an old friend and, step by step, is dragged back into the world of Greek myths.

I loved the main character. She is smart, brave, strong, and so human in her imperfections. I enjoyed reading about her struggle to detach herself from the Agon, the hunters’ world and its laws. She tries hard to remain herself and avoid being controlled by others, either god or men. The story reads quickly and is overflowing with action. The fighting scenes, and there is a lot of them, are described in detail but not gory. It seems that the author put a lot of thought into them, which looks very professional, as the fight is an essential part of the hunter’s identity. 

What I did not realise when I picked up this book is that Lore is, in fact, a part of the popular trend on retellings of Greek mythology, especially presenting the stories from a woman’s point of view. In the book, without going into spoilers, we can find a fascinating narration of the Medusa myth that gives Lore’s story a deeper meaning.

On the whole, I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a fast and enjoyable read, especially to the fans of Greek mythology and its retellings. I rate this book at **** 4 out of 5 stars.

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