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Reviving the classics: Shakespeare’s drama

The early modern drama might seem difficult today. The language has changed since they were written. Many words came out of the use or changed their meaning. And don’t get me started on the artistic alterations introduced to keep within the strict rigour of the iambic pentameter.

Nevertheless, the pleasure we take from reading those stories is worth the effort.

There is a reason why we still engage with old drama, especially Shakespeare. It is not there to torment us as students. The plays are there because their stories are universal, essential and immensely beautiful. They are at the root of many modern themes. There would be no star-crossed lovers without Shakespeare. Romeo and JulietHamlet or Macbeth were torn apart and reconstructed by numerous authors throughout the ages, making the stories more contemporary and easy to digest by the audience.

But easy does not always mean good.

The original Shakespearian drama is worth our attention. It might take some time to get used to the language, but it is the time spent well. My advice would be to get a good copy that has noted and annotations at the bottom of the page, explaining more tricky words. It requires patience, but it all becomes more transparent after a while and starts to fall into place. For your effort, you are rewarded with a beautiful writing style that flows like nothing else I have ever read. I would say that every book lover should give it a try. 


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