An absorbing, dystopian story set in a future that is firmly rooted in the very current events.

In the future presented by Bruno Beaches, society is decided. Some years earlier, the deadly virus spread around the world and the majority accepted the new rules that included mandatory vaccination and microchips implanted under the skin. But the governments used this difficult time to transform democracy into a new form of tyranny, where those who resist are isolated and abandoned. While the vaccinated stagnate in a comfortable but totally controlled existence, the group of renegades leads a simple life in the wild. Chance meeting between the groups reveals just how much they don’t know about the other side of the divide…

Bruno Beaches’s novel is a very interesting take on the current events. He makes use of the many theories around the pandemic and creates his own story that is eventful and worth our attention. I would recommend this book to fans of science fiction and dystopian novels.

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