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Spells for Forgetting

Spells for Forgetting

⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 4.5 out of 5 stars

Title:               Spells for Forgetting

Author:           Adrienne Young

Publisher:        Quercus

Format:           ARC, ebook      

Publication:     27th of September 2022

Emery Blackwood leads a life she promised herself to avoid— running a family tea shop on a remote Saoirse Island. Her dreams of running away with her boyfriend were crushed when their common friend Lily died in mysterious circumstances, and August Salt was accused of murder. Years after, August returns to the island to bury his mother. His appearance disturbs the quiet community, waking the old suspicions and the ancient magic of Saoirse Island…

Spells for Forgetting is an absorbing read. It’s a very atmospheric novel because of the setting on a remote, misty island, where no one locks their doors, everyone knows everything about everyone and hiding secrets seems impossible. It is also a place where the local tea shop offers tea leaf readings, and every old family keeps their Grimoire. The book is soaked in a mysterious atmosphere and intangible magic that is more often hinted at than presented. But magic is but a background for a crime plot in this novel. August’s return reminds Emery not only about her love but also about the unsolved mystery of Lily’s death. She is determined to finally find the truth…

I enjoyed this book. It’s beautiful storytelling combined with an exciting plot. I just wish there was more magic involved…

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